Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Wednesday, May 4th, was mine and my hubby's 20th wedding anniversary.  Wow.  20 years.
That's a loooooong time.
BUT, I love him and he loves me.  And that's all that matters. 
It's hard being married for 20 years and I think it's quite an accomplishment.

So, to celebrate the occasion, my wedding ring exploded.

Well, technically, it was my engagement ring, but whatever.  It happened about 1 week before our anniversary.  I had been cleaning and I was washing my hands and noticed that my ring felt rough.  So, I looked down and sort of screamed because the prongs were broken and the big diamond was gone.  My hubby took off the pea trap but of course, it wasn't there.  It could have been anywhere.  Plus, I had been vacuuming and had even changed the vacuum bag.  We figured out pretty quick that it was gone and we didn't need to look for it.

Now I have to decide if I want to replace the diamond and fix the ring or just buy a new set.  My tastes have changed and I'd love a new set but at the same time, I'm sentimental towards my old set.  Sigh.
I'm thinking that I'll probably just replace the diamond but maybe I'll trade in the anniversary band (the ring on bottom) that I bought 5 years ago for our 15th anniversary and get something different.  I've never been really crazy about that ring anyway.

I'll be sure to post pics of the repaired rings to keep you updated.  I'm sure you're all anxious to see how it turns out.  LOL


  1. Happy Anniversary. Sorry about your ring. I'm not sure what to advise you about it tho.


  2. Happy anniversary from me too! As for the ring dilemma, I think you should replace the diamond...but I tend to be sentimental. Maybe that's why I like the look of all three rings together. I believe that the saying "What goes around comes around" works in fashion as well as in life. Give it another ten, fifteen years and you'll love your rings as much as you did originally. Just sayin'.

  3. Thanks Pussdaddy and Nancy. And you're probably right Nancy - about loving them more in 10-15 years.
    I do still love them. I just wish they were silver instead of gold.


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