Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thread Catcher

Today was the last day of school - YAY!
It was really just a half day - we left after the awards ceremony.  My son is now a 7th grader.  He'll be going to a different school next year and it was really hard to leave the school he was at.  We loved the teachers, the admin was great and the students were awesome.  But with many tears in our eyes, we said goodbye and he's moving on to other things.  My fingers are crossed that the new school will be just as wonderful.

So, on to crafty things.

I made myself a thread catcher.  I didn't really make it to catch thread.  I made it to put on my ironing board to hold all the junk I have on there that needs to stay like the little cup that fills the iron with water, rulers, pinscushions, the little wooden pokey tool that I use on corners of fabric - etc.

To make it, I followed the instructions in magazine, Simple Quilts and Sewing 2011.  The instructions were fairly easy to follow but I did have  an extra piece of fabric left over.  I went back over the instructions several times to see where I was suppose to use that square of fabric but couldn't find it.  That was a bit odd - like putting together a bookshelf and having leftover screws and boards.

It was suppose to be quilted which I didn't do.  I think if I had, the basket would have had more structure - or I could have used interfacing which I didn't think to do until I had done about half of the project.

I might make another one for my sewing table because it did come out well and a thread catcher would be very useful to have.  If I do, I'll either quilt it or use fairly stiff interfacing for the basket.

What do you think?  Cute huh?


  1. Thanks for your comment, Tricia. I appreciate the input. Also love your thread catcher. The one I made is similar to yours, but I used this tute:

    The link to the tutorial doesn't work, but it called for using packing strap to keep the bag open. Luckily, I had some. But here's the one I wish I'd made and still may do: I like the attached tool holder. I'm always losing my tools! ;^)

    (Funny, the word verification was clock. How apropos. Time's really been on my mind lately.)

  2. Well fiddlestix!!
    Sewmamasews tute is way better. I love all those little pockets.

    I think what I'll do is make another one using that tute for my ironing board and move the one I have now to my sewing table. That way I could actually use it for thread catching.

    Thanks Nancy!!


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