Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer Blush

Flirtbags, who makes lovely bags by the way, has included my Blushing Bride ring from Pink Pear Designs in her Summer Blush treasury on etsy. Her treasury is filled with lovely items in the blush pink color. So pretty and refreshing.

Very peaceful. It makes you go AHHHH. LOL

So take a look at flirtbags treasury and be sure to leave a nice comment.
Thanks so much Flirtbags!! I'm honored to be included in your lovely treasury!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Lobed and Lovely!

Queenartist has featured a pair of my earrings from Pink Pear Designs in her lovely treasury entitled: Lobed and Lovely.
To see her lovely treasury and to leave a comment, please click
here. Thanks so much QueenArtist for featuring my Retro Green Chained Earrings!

ETC Promo Swap

Lori from the Paper Elephant, is our teams Promo swap coordinator. About 2 weeks ago, I got a swap package for our latest swap and boy! were there some great things in there. Many people sent small samples of their work including small achy packs, earrings, hair clips, cards, yarn samples, magnets and WAY more great things! Plus there were lots of great coupons, biz cards, etc.

So many wonderful things! My fall show customers are going to be getting some really great gift bags!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something to drool over....

If you're family is like my family, we consider "eating out desserts" to be very decadent and only for special occasions. And at usually $7 at pop, they'd better be realllllllly good. So it's very rare for us to get dessert at a restaurant. Of course, DQ Blizzards are the exception because as everyone knows, they are part of a well balanced diet. LOL

So whenever I want a really yummy dessert, I make it myself. I have been craving an Italian Creme cake for several weeks but was really trying to resist temptation. Well, this past weekend, I caved. I got the recipe from allrecipes.com months ago and have made this cake one other time.
It is INCREDIBLE!!! Feel free to drool all over your computer monitor as you view my pictures.
I don't put the coconuts and pecans in the cake or icing because the king of our house (my son) doesn't like them. So as you can see, his side is bare. But this cake is soooo good, it doesn't even matter.
Oh look! Some of it's gone. I wonder who ate it :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Papa and the Banana Tree

I had no idea until this week, that my FIL has a banana tree in his backyard in this little bitty area behind his garage. Apparantly, he's had it for awhile but this is the first year it has actually had bananas. There was alot of excitement over the bananas.

Of course, they are still very small, and chances are the birds will eat them. But at least we got pics.

My son took the pics - and he's getting pretty good with the camera. The big brown looking pod thing hanging down holds the bananas and at some point, they sort of bust out. The small green pea pod looking things above it, are bananas, I'm told. They have already busted out of the brown pod thing.
And here is Papa with his tree. I think DS was alittle too close to him when he took the pic. It would have cropped better if he had been standing back some.
Interesting though huh? If anyone has experience with banana trees and knows what they're looking at, please feel free to correct my limited banana knowledge in the comments. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Buy One, Get One 50% OFF!!

It's time for Etsy Texas Crafters JULY 1st Monday SALE!!

All items in both of my shops - Handmade Whimzy and Pink Pear Designs - are BUY 1, GET 1 50% off (off equal or lesser value) - this includes Clearance items!

The sale is good from midnight on Sunday until midnight on Monday - Texas time (1 am to 1 am etsy time).

For more great sales from ETCers, visit this promo thread: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6208880