Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When my boy comes home by Macdoodle

My favorite time of day is when my boy comes home.
I don't know where he goes all day but it sure is boring at home without him. Mom says it's some place called "school". I wish he didn't have to go to school.
I especially love it when he lays on the sofa and rubs my belly for hours.
Or when he plays with his Legos and rubs my belly for hours.
Or when he watches TV and rubs my belly for hours.
Or when he plays computer and rubs my head for hours.

And then it's time for him to feed me. I love to eat. My boy never forgets to feed me (mom reminds him sometime).

I love my boy.

(I hate that stupid cat though. Sometimes she hits me on the face for no reason. Stupid cat.)

Monday, March 29, 2010

New aprons listed at Handmade Whimzy!
Amy Butler Love fabric
Henry Glass Frosted Fondant fabric

Heather Bailey Spring POP fabric

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Signs of Spring

First signs of Spring.

Please no more bad weather!!! Please?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Birthday

My birthday was this month, on the 10th. It just happened to fall during spring break so my son and hubby were both at home because hubby took vacation time. They made me breakfast in bed - although I'm sure my Dh did most of the work. But anyway, I still got french toast and bacon. YUMMMM! And then later, they took me out to eat for dinner and when we came home, we got to eat the Italian Creme Cake that Dh made for me. It was yummy good.

Here is a picture.
Pay no attention to the number on top. That is obviously wrong as I'm really only 24. Someone must have been making a sick joke. ;) That's my story and I'm sticking with it!

And the lovely roses that they brought home for me. My son says he picked the color. It was a good birthday. (except for the getting older part)

As far as a birthday present, my DH didn't exactly get me one. Instead he said he would give me money to put towards the sewing machine I want and need. I was very excited about that as at the time, I was looking forward to the Arts and Crafts show I was scheduled to do on the 20-21st (this past weekend). I always do really well at this particular show, so I just knew I would have a huge pile of money to use for my new sewing machine. So, of course I started looking them up on the internet and dreaming about one that does fancy embroidery, etc.

But alas, I didn't go to the show because, why? why? IT SNOWED!!!! AGAIN!!! Can you believe it? All day Saturday the temperature steadily dropped and it rained ALL DAY and then Sunday, it snowed ALL DAY!

Will this winter never end????????

The Parks Dept. that sponsors the show does not give refunds or anything for bad weather but they are going to try to reschedule it. I don't know if it will be worth it though. The Azalea Trails brings in alot of tourists and lookers who all stop at the Arts and Crafts festival in the park but withough that, I think it would be pretty dead.

So, :( to my new sewing machine. I've just been listing things like crazy on etsy but I think I'm going to be stuck with my basic old sewing machine that only sews when it wants to, for awhile. Sigh.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upcoming Spring Show

I'll be doing the upcoming Azalea Trails Arts and Crafts show again this year in Tyler. It's always a nice show with a large crowd of people. I just wish it were indoors and that we didn't have to set up my tent. UG!
But anyhoo, I've been busy getting ready for it and haven't had time to also take pics and list new stuff in my etsy shops. So, while they are still open, there won't be any new stuff in them for awhile. After the show is over, I'll be listing like crazy.
The show will be in Bergfeld Park, which is right in the middle of town, on March 21st and 22nd. If you're in the area, come on by! It's in a beautiful area of town full of azaleas and blooming spring flowers. Very lovely!
And I'd also like to say thanks to Cordovastudios and Buyhand for featuring my eye masks and sachets in their treasuries yesterday.
From CordovaStudios - Great Takes:

And from BuyHand - Sweet Dreamzzzzzz:

Thanks for the lovely treasuries, ladies. And for picking my items!