Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Vacation

Well, would you look at that, July is almost over.  Where did it go?  Why does time fly by so fast when you're old and decrepit?

We went to Galveston, Texas this year for summer vacation.  We haven't been there since before Hurricane Rita.  My husband wanted to go to Disney (of course) but my son and I have decided to be Disney free for awhile. 

I've always loved Galveston and I've never understand the bad rap it's gotten.  People always say the beaches are dirty, the water is dirty, etc.  And what I want to know is, have they been to California?  Because ICK!!!!  They have dirty beaches, dirty and COLD water and the whole place is dirty.  Even the airport stinks (LAX not Orange County).  And I mean it literally stinks.  You always see pics of celebrities walking through LAX trying to look all glamorous and I just wonder, can't they smell it?  Is their nose clogged?  Because it has a nasty, moldy, old funk that just needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

Anyhoo, back to my story.  Galveston doesn't have the pristine beaches and blue water of South Padre, that's true.  But it's still a great place to vacation.  There are some really good restaurants and they manage to have that small town feel.  While we were there, during July 4th week, they had this great "hometown" parade down the sea wall and then fireworks over the gulf.  It was awesome - and free.  We ate lots of good food, hung out on the beach (until my son got a sunburn and then he didn't want to do anything), played putt putt golf, and wondered around the Strand.  Really, I could have just sat out on our balcony for the entire trip as long as someone was bringing me food and drinks.  We stayed at the San Luis which is my favorite because it's right on the beach and you really can't have a bad room.  We were on the 11th floor though which is great because you're up high enough not to have  your view obstructed but you can still hear the music from the pool.

Here are some pics:
 Husband is on the left and my giant 13 year old is on the right.

 Views from my glorious balcony.
Wish I was still there.

 More balcony views.

 The pool and water slide/grotto area.  My only complaint was that I wish they had more shade areas for those of us who didn't want to burn to death.

 Why did I think it was a good idea for him to bring his computer? 

 Here we are playing putt putt.  My son has a weird expression on his face because he chews  on the springs attached to his braces.  So it looks like he's chewing on his face or something.

My sweet husband who puts up with me.

It was a good vacation.