Monday, January 13, 2014

Gidget 2 - My best Christmas Present!

This year for Christmas, my husband and son bought me the Gidget 2 sewing table with insert by Arrow Cabinets for my Brother sewing machine.  I just love it!  I use my Brother for most of my quilting and this table has made it so much easier. 

 The sewing machine sits down in the cavity and the acrylic insert gives you a completely flat work surface.  Before, both of my machines just sat on top of a folding table.  My Janome still does but since I mostly just use it for piecing, it's not too bad.
 I used this table to quilt my son's Yin and Yang quilt (which I'm done with and will be posting about soon).  It made free motion quilting a breeze.  I think I did my best job ever at FMQing and I credit the difference to this table.
 I was afraid it would be unstable because from the pictures, it doesn't look all that strong but it's not wobbly AT ALL.  It's very sturdy.  Even when the machine was going at a fast pace as I free motion quilted, the table still remained still and sturdy.
I recommend this table if you are looking for something for your machine.  It will definitely make your sewing and quilting easier.
FYI, we found the best price at  They also had great customer service and shipped quickly.  

**This is my honest opinion.  I'm not being sponsored by Arrow Cabinets or sewingtablesbysara.

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  1. I love my Gidget table too. I have my big Bernina 820 on mine and there is absolutely no wobbling when I FMQ. I did add 2 IKEA adjustable height tables... one to the left of the Gidget and one behind it to give me more room to FMQ. While I'm piecing, I have my cutting mat on the one to the left of my machine to give me plenty of work space.

  2. The IKEA tables are a great idea French! I have 2 folding tables that I use. I have my Janome on one but I just set it on the floor if I need more quilting space.


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