Sunday, January 19, 2014

Broken New Years Resolution

My unofficial New Year's Resolution this year was to not buy any new fabric until February.  I've noticed that a lot of quilting bloggers made the same resolution.  Some even have rules about what they can and can't buy.  The rules made so much sense to me like if you are working on a project and need backing fabric - you're allowed to buy that.  Also, precuts don't count. 

So, I was going along pretty good for about 5 days or so. :)  Then  I happened into a very small local quilt shop that had changed locations and I had never been to the new location.  I found myself in that area of town so I thought I'd stop by and check things out.
Well, it was the most disorganized hot mess I have ever seen in my life.  Really.  Bad.
But as I was attempting to look around in all the clutter, I happened upon this box of fat quarters by Anthology Fabrics. 

 I've never seen these fabrics before and I wondered if they were older prints.  Does anybody know?  They are so cute!  The whole box of 12 fat quarters was only $20.  That's $1.67 per fat quarter which is a great deal so I HAD to buy them.
They are bright and cheerful.  Really adorable.  And technically, fat quarters are precuts, right?  So this doesn't count?
Sigh.  I have absolutely no willpower.


  1. That is such a good buy that I don't think it counts! Great find, plus you would have regretted it if you passed it up. I think you are completely forgiven and justified for breaking your resolution. Visiting from Sew Many Ways.


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