Saturday, January 25, 2014

New Seam Ripper - A Review

At the Saturday Sampler at my LQS (which is held once a month), the owner of the store spends about 30 or so minutes showing new items that have come to the store.  New fabric, new notions, books, patterns and what not.
 This past meeting, she showed a little seam ripper that they keep in a big jar up by the cash register.  It is a regular seam ripper but on one end is this eraser thing that removes the threads from your fabric - like magic.  I've tried lint removers to remove the threads and they work ok.  Not great. You usually still have to do a bit of plucking.  But supposedly, this rubber thing gets them all.  And it was only $4.  It says Seam-Fix on the side, so I assume that is the brand name.

When I got up to the register to check out after the meeting, I decided to try one of these.  They were flying out of that jar like you wouldn't believe so I guess everyone thought they'd try it.

It wasn't long after I got it home that I had a seam to rip.  So, I used my new lime green ripper. 

Here is my review.  
The seam ripper part of the tool didn't work all that good.  It didn't seem sharp enough to cut the thread.  I felt like I was really pulling to get the thread to cut.  My Clover seam ripper does a much better job of cutting.
If you have to do a long seam, it's mostly comfortable in your hand but again my Clover is a lot more comfortable to hold.
The rubber thingy on top really does work.  It removes all the threads like magic.  It doesn't leave any marks on your fabric but it does pull all the thread.
So, is it worth the $4?  I guess so.  I really do like the rubber thingy and would rather just buy one of those.  The seam ripper part isn't very good but it will do in a pinch (when I can't find my Clover!).
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**I paid for this seam ripper and this is my honest review.**

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  1. What an interesting review. I have the larger version of this seam ripper and it is a pleasure to use - cuts through thread better than any ripper I've used before and I loooovve the rubber end for removing the thread afterwards. My one complaint about the larger version is that the cap doesn't fit on the opposite end to keep it safe when you're using it. We started to stock the small version in The City Quilter where I work so I bought one - testing it in the shop to see if the cap fit on the other end and it did!!! Never thought to test the sharpness of the blade though and haven't tried it myself yet. Guess what I'm off to do now? :D


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