Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted on my blog! Where has the time gone?
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Happy Eid or whatever holiday you celebrate at this time of year. Now that Christmas is over it's time for me to get back to work. I have been thinking alot about trying different techniques for creating my jewelry. I'm going to be reading alot of info and trying new things and I promise to post pictures as soon as I have something.
I'm also going to build myself a light box. I'm hoping better pictures will intrigue people to take a look at my jewelry and BUY SOME! LOL.
So stay tuned for the new changes. The new year is going to be very exciting!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Texas Treasure Hunt Winner!

From Etsy Texas Crafters Group:

We had 11 treasure hunters this past Monday in our first ever Texas Treasure Hunt game on etsy. Flurrsprite (of Honolulu, Hawaii!) was chosen by random drawing as our winner! What did she select as her prize? The Taste of Texas goodie box from the team shop, “so she could sample more of us!”
Thank you to everyone who participated and made this such a fun event! Look for more Texas Treasure Hunts on the 2nd Monday of each month!

So, if you missed it, we will be having another one next month on the second Monday of the month. It is fun, no purchase necessary and you might win a prize! What's more perfect than that??

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Etsy Texas Crafters Texas Treasure Hunt!

Texas Treasure Hunt

On the 2ND Monday of each month, ETC (Etsy Texas Crafters) will host a Texas size Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt details:
This month we want to Stuff Your Stockings Texas Style! Find Persival, Santa's #1 elf, as he guides you through his choices for perfect items to stuff your stocking with!
Our December Treasure Hunt will begin at 12:01am on Dec 10Th & end at 12:00 midnight on that same day (Central time -- that would be 1:01am Monday to 1:00am Tuesday, Etsy time).
To play, search participating ETC member shops to find a minimum of 10 items with the designated image in the items' photos.
When you've found 10 or more items, convo your list of the URL addresses (links) for those items to
If there is more than 1 correct entry, by the midnight deadline, all correct entries will be placed in a stocking & one winner will be drawn. If there are no complete correct entries, the person with the most correct entries will be designated that month's winner. Winner will be notified/announced no later than midnight on Tuesday Dec 11Th.
To view this month's participating shops, and to get a glimps of Percival, please see the blog our team website at
ETC members are not eligible to win.
This is Percival:

Tip: The more items you find and submit, the better your prize selection will be. The winner will get too *choose* 1 item from their submitted list as their prize!

Disclaimer: In the event that the winner’s 1st choice of prizes sells during the contest, winner would have to choose another prize from their submitted list.