Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Something to drool over....

If you're family is like my family, we consider "eating out desserts" to be very decadent and only for special occasions. And at usually $7 at pop, they'd better be realllllllly good. So it's very rare for us to get dessert at a restaurant. Of course, DQ Blizzards are the exception because as everyone knows, they are part of a well balanced diet. LOL

So whenever I want a really yummy dessert, I make it myself. I have been craving an Italian Creme cake for several weeks but was really trying to resist temptation. Well, this past weekend, I caved. I got the recipe from allrecipes.com months ago and have made this cake one other time.
It is INCREDIBLE!!! Feel free to drool all over your computer monitor as you view my pictures.
I don't put the coconuts and pecans in the cake or icing because the king of our house (my son) doesn't like them. So as you can see, his side is bare. But this cake is soooo good, it doesn't even matter.
Oh look! Some of it's gone. I wonder who ate it :)

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