Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift

I just wanted to make a quick post to show what I whipped up for Teacher Appreciation week last week.

I got the idea and graphic here.  My son has 7 teachers in all and I would have loved to get them all gift cards to a restaurant or somewhere great but 7 x $30 would have given my husband a heart attack.  I don't like to just get them stuff because I'm sure they get tons of junk they can't use all year long.  I thought the potted flowers were a good choice because it's spring time and they can be kept inside or planted out in the flower bed.

So, I went out to my favorite plant nursery and got 8 Gerber Daisies in red and yellow (7 teachers and 1 principal).  This is my son's last year at this school and it's a small school.  The teachers have all been so great the 3 years we've been there and the principal has always been willing to listen to my concerns and has actually made positive changes based on complaints!  That is completely the opposite of what I was use to.  The previous school my son was in, the principal just listened to me and basically patted me on the head.  No changes were made and that school stunk.  We were so glad to leave.

Anyhoo, feedback so far has been positive.  The second pic is of all the flowers sitting in the garage, ready to go the next day.  I wrapped each pot in either white wrapping paper or clear cellophane (I ran out of the cellophane) and tied them with a pretty ribbon.  The graphic was hot glued to lollipop sticks and stuck into each pot.
I gave these out on Wednesday and on Friday, I took them all a Godiva chocolate bar.  Yum!

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