Friday, May 27, 2011

Look at my shiny wedding rings!

A couple of weeks ago, I posted HERE about it being my 20th wedding anniversary on May 4th and how my wedding ring exploded about a week before the big day.

Well, I got some good advice on that blog post and gave the matter serious thought.  What I decided to do was to keep my old set and replace the missing diamond from the engagment ring.  I also decided to have the V shaped band (which I bought 5 years ago for our 15th anniversary) removed and to look for a band that I liked better and that looked better with my rings.  I honestly never really liked the V band - it was just the one I disliked the least at the jewelry store when I bought it - which is not a good reason to buy something.
Here's a pic of the old set with the missing diamond and the ugly V shaped band:
So, I did some price shopping at 2 different stores in the mall.  They both wanted about $500 for a .25 carat diamond PLUS the price to fix the prongs and set the diamonds.  It was going to take anywhere from 3-8 weeks for them to send it off to be fixed and I wouldn't know how much they were going to charge for all the work until the jeweler got the ring and gave an estimate.  They charge for every little thing such as to unsolder the rings, to resolder the rings, to resize, to fix the prongs, to make the prongs gold so that they match the rings, to set the diamond etc, etc, etc. blah, blah blah.
Plus one store had EXTREMELY high pressure sales people.

I ended up just coming on home and calling my hubby to get his opinion.  He suggested I go to a local jewelry store - Jim's Jewelers.
Honestly, I had thought about going there but I just thought that they would be really expensive.  Well, guess what?
I got a great deal and they were way nicer than the people at the mall.

I got a .39 carat diamond that is square for LESS than the .25 carat at the mall.  Plus, they had the kind of anniversary band I wanted - it matches my wedding band almost exactly.  AND they had it completely fixed and looking gorgeous by the next day!
Tell me what you think!  Here are the pics:
 The very top band is the new band which almost exactly matches the bottom band (my wedding band).
I had the square diamond put in a kite setting which I think looks soooooo COOOL!

Look how big it is!  I LOVE it!


  1. Gorgeous! I still like the v band, but I gotta say not as much as what you actually chose. Yay, you!

  2. Thanks for all your great advice Nancy!!

  3. It ended up looking really good.


  4. The diamond ring’s so gorgeous, Tricia! In fact, it looks as good as new. Kudos to the people at Jim’s Jewelers! Aside from the fact that they’ve successfully restored the beauty of your wedding ring, they’re very nice people to work with. :]

  5. It’s beautiful, Tricia! I knew a lot of people who stopped wearing their wedding rings after years. Well, you can do something about it. Just go to a jewelry store and they will definitely clean your ring a clean and bring back its elegant look once again. :))


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