Friday, April 29, 2011

Medieval Times

Last week, the middle school that my son goes to, went on a little field trip to Dallas to Medieval Times.  They had a blast.  There were lots of other schools there which added to the excitement because all the kids were very enthusiastic.  Plus, they enjoyed eating with their hands.  :)  In fact, my son enjoyed it so much that he put the handiwipe that was given out at the end of the meal in his pocket and brought it home for a souvenier.  LOL  It got washed and dried and then I found it.

Kudos to his teacher for planning this trip.  She has been so great all year and she's very enthusiastic about the history class she teaches. 
That's some of our kids down in front.  We had really great seats.

I took some not great pics of our knight - the RED knight.  He won the final battle at the end of the jousting and rescued the kidnapped prince, so that was pretty awesome.

Our knight looked just like Bo Bice from American Idol a few years ago.  Remember him?  I wonder if it was him.

My DH and I tagged along.

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