Sunday, April 3, 2011

Smith County Sheriff's Deputy Robert Britton Jr. laid to rest

The funeral for my husband's cousin was yesterday, Saturday April 2nd.  The family chose to have a full police funeral.  It was a beautiful service.  The church was full to the brim of uniformed City of Tyler police, Smith County Sheriff Deputies and other officers from the surrounding area.  The honor guard and all of the officers involved in the service did such an amazing job, I can't even describe it.  I was so proud of them all.

The funeral procession to the cemetery was even beautiful.  We were towards the back and as the end of the line went through each intersection (which was blocked off by uniformed officers), those officers then joined the end of the procession with their lights flashing.  As we drove through town, we would look behind us and it looked like a Christmas tree with all the flashing lights of all the police cars.  Entire families came out and stood on the sidewalks as we went past, with their hands on their hearts.  Many of the drivers of the cars stopped in traffic also stood beside their vehicles with their hands on their hearts.  I start crying just thinking about it as I write this.

I really appreciated the amount of respect that was shown to his family by the people in Tyler and even by the local news media.  It's always a horrible thing when a police officer is killed in the line of duty.  I know he's going to be missed by so many people.

Here is a link to the local Tyler paper - story and video.
Here is the link to the local ABC station - KLTV (which is my favorite local news station because they are the most professional and the least sensationalistic when doing news stories).

Each of the above videos are different.
Thanks again to everyone who read my blog and sent up a prayer and kind thought for his family - including his law enforcement family.

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