Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Beautiful Family

 Back in November, I decided that we needed to have family pictures done since we had not had any professionally done since my son was 2.  I found this wonderful local photographer and told her what we wanted.  She suggested the Children's Park, which is a city park in Tyler that was built to celebrate the lives of children who have passed away.  I had never been there but knew it was beautiful from pictures I had seen.   
 It is a beautiful place and a wonderful place to take pictures.  In fact, the park was full of people doing just that on the morning we were there.  By the way, who is this grown man in my pictures?  Where is my little boy?  :(  And who are those old people?  It makes me sad.
Cassie did an excellent job.  I'll treasure these pictures forever.  I highly recommend her to anyone in the East Texas area looking for wonderful photos - whatever the occasion.

(P.S. - My son has braces in these pictures and still does in real life.  They affect his pretty smile.)

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