Sunday, June 28, 2009

New shop lines and ETC's $5 SALE!

I've been ruminating about, and working on, new lines for both my Pink Pear Designs and Handmade Whimzy Etsy shops for several months now. I think I'm finally ready to talk about them and also, start listing items in both shops.

Since I started back sewing several months ago, not only have I made myself several really cute skirts, but I've also allowed my love of fabric to blossom. I think sewing was the first actual craft that I ever did (outside of school crafts where you just do what the teacher says). My mother has always been a seamstress and she made a lot of our clothes when we (my sister and I) were little bitty. Although, thinking back, I'm not sure she ever enjoyed sewing. I think it was just something she did out of necessity.

But since I've started back sewing, I've really enjoyed it. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't say a few choice words every time I have to rip out a seam. LOL

So, my plan is to add fabric items to my Handmade Whimzy shop. My long term plan at this time, is to offer fabric items and my bookmark line at Handmade Whimzy and slowly eliminate the jewelry line. I've been working on aromatherapy sachets, eye masks, and pillows. I'm happy to say that I have some ready to list. YAY! Here is a sneak peak:
And I have plans for many more things!

For Pink Pear Designs, I've been working on a new line of hair accessories. Sweet little hair pins made with some of the adorable cabochons that I also use in my jewelry. I've also started making fabric flowers that I've turned into hairpins and plan to also use in my jewelry.
I'm very excited about my new items and have my fingers crossed that they will be a big success! I'm planning a future blog give away so stay tuned for more details!

ALSO, tomorrow (Monday, June 29th) is Etsy Texas Crafters 1st ever $5 5th Monday SALE EVENT! Check out the $5 sale sections in both Handmade Whimzy and Pink Pear Designs. Some items are marked MORE THAN 50% off in both shops!

To view items for all team members, click on the big TEX button on my sidebar.

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