Friday, June 5, 2009


YUMM!! Is there anything better than blueberries? Well, pears may be a close second. But as far as being really, really good for you AND tasting good, I think blueberries may beat out pears at our house. (although my son would disagree).

So this morning, we went berry picking at a local berry farm. My friend and her daughter went with us, so my son had someone to annoy while he picked berries. LOL

Between the two of us, we picked about 8 pounds of blueberries. YUMM! We are going to make some blueberry jam and hopefully have enough left over to eat some and to freeze some.
The sack on the left is the one I picked and the one on the right is the one my son picked. His was about 2 pounds. I thought that was pretty good. It's been a couple of years since I took him picking and this is way more than he picked last time. The berries were able to hold the kids attention for about 1 hour before they started whining "when are we going to go?"
I can't wait to taste the yummy jam!

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