Friday, May 1, 2009

I can't believe I haven't blogged since Monday! And today is Friday! How did that happen?

This has been one of those weeks that are unaccounted for. Do you know what I mean? The kind where you were super busy, never sat down, but you aren't real sure what you did all week.

Especially today. I had planned to spend all day at home working on the skirt that I've been working on forever, starting my swap project, making a pair of earrings that I've had pictured in my mind all week, taking some pics and maybe doing some etsy and artgaragesale shop listings.

What did I do instead? I'm not sure. I did get my hair cut - YAY! I did some errands. Then, this afternoon, I had to take my son to swim lessons because DH got tied up at work.

Now it's almost 9 pm and I'm too tired to do any of my projects. There's always tomorrow.

At least I can show you a picture of my skirt project. I love my wrap skirts that I've been making but I thought I'd be brave and try an actual pattern. So here is the pattern and fabric on the day I was cutting out the pieces.

I had to redo the waistband but otherwise, it's done. I'll get pics up of it as soon as I can. I'm very proud of myself for following a pattern.

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