Friday, May 8, 2009

An early Mother's Day Gift and a great gift from a friend

As everyone knows, Sunday is Mother's Day. While searching through my son's backpack on Wednesday, looking for homework, I found this awesome picture. He had colored it for me during art class in his spare time. I wasn't suppose to see it until Sunday. OOPs!

But I LOVE it. It's so sweet. He's my little Rembrandt.

On another note, I received this awesome coupon in the mail from Liz of Lavenderlizard and Lavenderladybug. Thanks so much Liz!! What a great and wonderful surprise.

I'm going to use it to buy some fake fur and materials needed to make a dead cat. Why would anyone need a fake dead cat you ask? Because my wonderful and talented son is Huckleberry Finn in his school play and we have to provide our own props.

Anyhoo, if you've never checked out Liz's shops, now is your chance. Her Lavenderlizard shop is for all her crocheted items such as spa scrubbies, dish scrubbies, tape measure cozies, lip balm holders and of course, gorgeous scarves.
Lavenderladybug is her supply shop where she sells stamps, craft kits and her wonderful handmade embellishments. I used Liz's great crocheted flowers on a beautiful pillow that I made for my bedroom. See my pillow project here.
Liz's embellishments are now sold in Kraft Girl Kits for scrap booking and card making. Congratulations Liz!! You Rock!

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  1. I'm glad you received your coupon, Tricia! And I guess I'm glad you have to make a dead cat (?).

    Truly, thanks for the really sweet write-up about my shops -- that was unexpected to say the least! Happy Mother's Day to you, too!


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