Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me and my babe!!

Today we are celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary. Boy, have the years flown by. I don't have a scanner or I would scan in our wedding pic but I do have this one for you. It was taken in March of this year at Disneyland standing in front of the Materhorn.

We look alittle older and wiser in this picture than we did in our wedding photos. LOL But I think we're holding up pretty good. We haven't strangled each other yet anyway, so that's a plus.

So Happy Anniversary Babe! I hope there are many more.


  1. Happy (belated) anniversary to you and your sweetie!

  2. Thanks Connie! We had a great "date" night.

  3. Happy Anniversary, Tricia! 18 years is something to celebrate! May the fourth be with you! (sorry, couldn't resist)


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