Monday, May 11, 2009

Help for Ducky

I've posted several times about Mac, our dog (officially he's my son's dog). We adopted Mac from an animal rescue group named Country Ladies Rescue. Mac is the best dog ever! So sweet and loving (and kinda lazy and fat). We are so thankful that the nice ladies at Country Ladies found our Mac and kept him for us until we could find him and bring him to his forever home. It wouldn't be the same around here without him.

Country Ladies Rescue has now merged with another rescue and the new name is Sheree's Dog Rescue. You can view their website here. I received their latest newsletter this weekend and was heart broken to read about a little dog named Ducky, a Yorkie/Maltese mix who was born with hydrocephalus. Ducky has alot of health problems and Sheree's Dog Rescue is trying to save his life so they can place him with a loving family. You can read Ducky's story here.
Sheree's is collecting money for the surgery that Ducky needs. The poor little guy has had a really hard life up to this point.

You can keep track of Ducky's progress on his blog. Let's all send positive thoughts and prayers Ducky's way. He is one of God's creatures, after all.


  1. Ducky is Darling! Poor little guy...hope things only go up from here for him.
    I discoved you through a blog that is featuring your jewelry...
    You're welcome to visit my blog anytime.


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