Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Two interesting realizations

You know how in the back of your mind you know something, but for some reason, you just never really admit it to yourself or acknowledge it?  Or maybe you just hope it will go away.

Well, I have 2 such realizations to share with you.   (They're kind of strange.)

The first one is - I'm a terrible bow maker.  Here's my proof:

And I really tried with this one.  I think I need professional help.  And it's not just my apron bows either.  It's all bows. 

My second realization is that I think I finally have to admit to myself that my lovely Betty is crooked.  Gee, you're asking yourself, maybe that's something I should share with my doctor.  LOL

Betty is my dress form that I use when I take pics of my aprons.  I think she's crooked and I can't figure out how to fix her.  She's pretty old - I got her from a garage sale many years ago and the previous owner had her for awhile.  I'm thinking I may have to break down and get a new one this year.  :(

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