Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Teacher Bottlecap Pincushions Ornaments

I had big plans this year for the really cute pincushion ornaments I was going to make my son's teachers for Christmas.  I started planning them months ago.  The thing is, I should have started SEWING them months ago.  As it was, I barely finished them in time for the last day of school before Christmas break.

These ornaments were for his art, music and Spanish teachers.  They are made with bottlecaps that were about 2 inches in diameter. 

For his art teacher, I did a color mixing theme - blue plus yellow equals green.    The side of the ornament has a red heart and the word "ART" embroideried.  I also used blue and yellow buttons on the back to hide the ribbon. 
My son had a book about mice mixing paint when he was little that he just LOVED and that's where I got the idea.  Plus his art teacher is really cool and I thought she'd get a kick out of it.

For his music teacher, I did a big musical note - sorry the first pic is so blurry.  I thought I had gotten good pics of these.  The side has hearts sewn on and music notes embroideried.

For his Spanish teacher, I did poinsettia's inspired by the Mexican Christmas story "The Legend of the Poinsettia".  I cut out the 'petals' and sewed them on with seed beads in the middle.  I was pretty excited about this one because I thought it was clever.  I embroideried the word "hola" on the side.

For his regular teachers, I made each of them an ornament similar to these in this post here.  Plus, we gave them gift cards to the bookstore.  Here is one of the ones I made:

How about that?  It matches the box :)
I had intended to make each of them 2-3 ornaments but ran out of time. 

They all seemed to like them - or at least I hope they did.  His teachers are all really good and I know they work really hard.


  1. I love the music one...and the shape made it almost look like a little drum!


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