Friday, January 7, 2011

My pretty new bracelets

I love bead crocheted bracelets. 
They're pretty, easy to wear, and made with about a million tiny seed beads. 
And since I can't do crochet of any kind and have no desire to learn how, I periodically go searching on etsy for someone who does work that I like so that I can buy myself a pretty new bracelet.

And find such a person, I did.  Shortly before Christmas, in fact.  The name of the shop is Morning Sky Jewelry and that's where I bought this sweet chartreuse and white striped bracelet - not to wear for Christmas but because I LOVE bright green and knew it was something that I could wear all year.

Mary Ann sent me my bracelet and I loved it.  It fit perfectly.  It slips right over your hand so there's no clasp to worry about and it's a perfect little bangle.

Then, after Christmas (which was a tad more stressful than usual), I decided to treat myself again with this red "LOVE" bracelet I had been coveting in her shop.  I've worn it for 2 days straight.  I don't even care if it matches what I'm wearing, I just like to wear it.

Ignore the old lady's hands who are modeling my bracelets.  I have no idea who that is but she must have broken into my house and tried on my new bracelets and then taken pictures of them.  :)

So, thanks Morning Sky Jewelry.  My new bracelets make me feel pretty.

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