Thursday, February 19, 2009

My New Skirts

Well, I didn't have a featured etsy artist this week because the person I contacted never responded to me. That's the second time that's happened :( Oh well.

So instead, I'm going to feature the new skirts I've been making for myself. I have fairly good sewing skills, but I'm a little rusty and a bit slow when I sew. But I love wearing skirts and can never find ones that fit right and aren't too short. Also, I like skirts made of cotton and other natural fibers that are cool to wear in the summer.

So I started searching the internet and found this blog that had a tutorial for making wrap skirts. Her instructions seemed easy to follow, so I tried it out. I carefully measured my waist and did the calculations just like it says in the blog. Then I made a pattern. I went to Hancock Fabrics looking for some cheap cheap fabric - just in case I messed it up. I found this blue "tie dyed" looking fabric for $1.99 per yard plus it was on sale for 40% off.
Once I had cut out the fabric and sewn all three sides together, I realized that the person in the blog must have meant for this to be a skirt for little girls who don't have a bit of a "baby pooch" stomach and hips. So I had to alter the pattern from how it was originally described in the blog. Basically, what I needed was 4 extra inches of fabric on either side of the skirt. The back panel was OK but in order to get good closure and not be afraid of exposing myself on a windy day, I needed 4 more inches per side. So my dear hubby said, "why don't you just cut out the extra 4 inches and sew them to the sides of the part you've already made". So that's what I did. With the pattern on this fabric, you can hardly tell I've added two extra panels. I finished the edges with bias tape and used the bias tape again for the drawstring. I didn't line this first one since it was sort of an "experiment" but I am going to line the others I make.
I like this first pic because I think it makes me look thin!
Well? What do you think??
Yes, I know there are wrinkles.

I have one more almost finished - it just needs a button hole and drawstring. I have another all cut out. I'm loving these skirts and can't wait to wear them. I'm thinking about making one out of Micky Mouse fabric for our vacation this year. They're perfect to wear with tank tops and flip flops. I think they'll also be great to wear over my swimsuit to go to the pool this summer.

Let me know what you think. I'm pretty excited about them.


  1. I was just going to comment to you that they are great over swimsuits and then I read it. LOL. Good job on the skirt. They are comfortable to wear.

  2. Sooo cute! I love skirts, too, but because I'm short, they are almost always too long.

    Still working on the pillow???


  3. This turned out great! I love the fabric you chose... looks so cool and breezy. I also love how you adapted the pattern to fit your needs. Great job!

    (And "look thin?" Girl, you ARE thin!) ;)

  4. Thanks you guys!!! Yes, I'm still working on the pillow - eek!

  5. Wow!! Your new skirt is looking great!! I like it's fabric and blue color!!


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