Monday, July 12, 2010

New Sewing/Crafting Room!

As promised, here are pics from my newly painted sewing/crafting room.  I've now got a large open area with tables in the shape of a U.  I can cut my fabric out in here now (instead of the kitchen island), pin pieces together, every thing that I needed a big space for before, I can now do in here. 
I'm sooo happy!!  It was a real pain when DH and DS were home to keep the kitchen island clean when I was working in there.  Someone was always wanted to put stuff on it or make a sandwich or something.  Can't they see I'm working?  LOL

Anyhoo, now I won't have to worry about it.  I've got my nice clean, all my own space, girl room.

I painting the walls Dancing Mist as I mentioned here.  It's a light turquoisy blue color.  I found crinkled shear curtains at Target in this pretty green color that I thought would be a nice contrast to the blue.  Plus, they were only $5 each.  I also found some clear storage boxes at Target that were on clearance that were perfect to store my ribbon in.  You can see them on the black shelves.  They have outlines of green dots on them in the same color as my curtains and some have green lids.  The story behind the floor can be seen here in this post. 

I'm not showing the ugly gray shelf on the other wall because it's ugly.  I thought about spray painting it black or white but I was afraid stuff would stick to the painted shelf, so I just left it ugly gray.  It holds alot though, so I really needed it in my room.  I have all my completed jewelry, jewelry supplies, craft show supplies, etc. stored on it.  There's also lots in the closet that you can't see in the pics.  :)

I still have more pics to hang on the walls.  I framed 2 tonight.  And I've asked my son for some art work but he hasn't done any yet.   I have 1 picture of his that he drew a few months ago that I think I'll frame.  He likes to draw pictures of robots with chainsaws and axes and stuff like that.  :(

So, now I have no excuse not to sew.  I really need to get a move on if I want to be able to do any craft shows this fall.  Sorry I don't have before shots.  I thought I did but apparently I've deleted tons of pics from my computer's picture file.  If I find them, I'll post them. 

Oh, and one other thing.  My big beautiful window that gives tons of natural light faces my neighbors AC unit where their little boys go to pee when they're playing outside.  Lovely. 


  1. Great sewing room. Love the color you choose for the walls too. Hope you get lots of sewing done now.

  2. Oh, it is BEAUTIFUL! That table is droool-worthy, to say the least! I also love the color you chose for the walls. And I see no reason why axe-wielding robots shouldn't adorn a little spot in your studio. ;) You lucky, lucky gal!


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