Friday, July 30, 2010

July's Swap gifts

The July swap that I participated in for my Etsy Texas Crafters group was themed a Pet Gift Swap.  We didn't swap actual pets - LOL.  We swapped gifts for our pets.

My partner was Danielle of ZandDArt.  Danielle makes crocheted amigurumi.  You can read more about her creations on her blog.  She has made some really cute things so far including Mario mushrooms which my son would LOVE.

Danielle sent me a gift for our evil cat, Sparky and also a gift for our sweet Mac.
She sent Mac this awesome dog bone with his name on it - in red, his favorite color.  And she sent Sparky this adorable fish toy.  It can be dangled from a pole or a door knob or just your hand.

Mac immediately started playing with his bone and loved it! 
Sparky was in hiding at the time we recieved the package but wandered into my sewing room a couple of hours later.  I showed her the new toy and she played with it for awhile.  Then she tried to bite me.  Bless her heart.

We love our new toys Danielle!  Thanks so much!  ---  Love Mac and Sparky

I'll post all about the gift I made for Danielle's cat Archimedes in my next post.  Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel.

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