Monday, July 19, 2010

June's Gift Swap

I participated in the June Color gift swap with my team Etsy Texas Crafters.  The color of the month was Pearl or White.

My swap partner was Stephanie of Gemuine Creations and she made me this lovely bracelet out of howlite and hematite.   She wired the beads together with sterling silver wire.  I love it and it fits perfectly. 

There was really no way I could go wrong with this swap as all of Stephanie's jewelry is beautiful.  She has a shop on etsy as well as her own website.  I was so impressed with her website.  Especially when she told me that she and her husband built it by themselves.  It's so professionally done and I have to say that I've been to websites before that looked very Mickey Mouse and they were much larger companies.

My swap gift to Stephanie was a decorative pillow for her home.  I used black fabric with white flowers and I appliqued the word "HOME" in white letters on one side of the pillow.  Then I made flowers out of satin fabric with turquoise satin for a pop of color and attached those on the front.  I really had to edit myself with this pillow.  I changed it about a hundred times.  This picture is one that Stephanie took after she received the pillow.  I think it looks really nice in that chair (and I love that chair!).

Thanks for being my June swap partner Stephanie!  I love the bracelet and I've already worn it several times.

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  1. Lovely gifts, Trish, both the one you received and especially the one you made. I stopped taking part in the gift swaps; I've received some not-so-lovely ones in the past. Maybe I oughta reconsider, especially if I could be partnered with you!


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