Friday, June 25, 2010

New Half Aprons!

I've just listed 2 new half aprons in my etsy shop.  This is the first time I've made them.  They're just like my full aprons only without the bib on top. 

I'd love to hear comments  - tell me what you think about them.

My blogging will probably be sporadic the next few days, as will my sewing.  Guess why? 
Ok, I'll tell you :)

Because I'm going to be painting my sewing room.  YAY!
It's never been painted - walls are just white and I think it's primer.  So I'm going to paint it the same Dancing Mist color that I painted my powder room in this post.  I'm also repainting the trim (in the whole house) and doors (in the whole house).  I spent most of this past week reorganizing and packing away craft supplies that I don't use on a daily basis but still want to keep.  Now I have room for my tables, room for my cutting mat and room to sew!!  I'll be posting pics of before and after when I get it finished.

I think I might buy me some girly curtains and really girl it up.  We'll see.....


  1. Love the aprons! 'Specially the second--I'm a rose and polka dot kinda gal.

    Your bathroom's a lovely color, which will look great in your sewing room. Mine's white, but purposefully so. We redid the Hub's work shop for me with beadboard walls--after building him a new one-- and I love white beadboard! I'm working on getting mine cleared enough to take pics. Got a bulldozer I could borrow?

    Thanks for your input on the tea cozy.

  2. Thanks Nancy! I love that one too. I have a bunch cut out with really cute fabric so I'd better hurry and paint.

    I love white beadboard too! It's very beachy. THe pics you've shown of your room and house makes it look very cozy and comfortable. That's what a home should be.

    Oh and you can rent a bull dozer :)

  3. I love the aprons. Good luck with renovating your sewing room.


  4. These aprons are great! I love the fabrics! Thanks for stopping by my blog and your comment. That was exactly what I was trying to say about etsy. I am so glad I found EtsyMoms! I will definitely stay away from the nasty Etsy Forums. Thanks for making me feel so welcome!


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