Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Big Bang Theory

My DH and I have a new favorite show. He discovered it, I think by watching clips on youtube and then made me watch them. We never watch network TV anymore and rarely even watch TV in the evenings but now we HAVE to watch this show because it's so hilarious.

It's basically about these 4 single men in their late twenties who are all super intelligent geeks. They work at a university and 2 of them are roommates. We can't let our son watch it with us because, being 4 single men, they sometimes talk about things that aren't really appropriate for an 11 year old. But we did buy the first 2 seasons on DVD and we've let him watch the ones we decided were ok for him, so now he's hooked too.

This clip is from one of my favorite episodes. Penny - the cute blonde neighbor across the hall that Leonard is madly in love with, tells Sheldon a secret. The problem is, Sheldon isn't good at keeping secrets. So he spends alot of time trying to stay away from Leonard so that he won't accidentally spill the secret.

Anyhoo, the clip is really funny, even if you're not into the show. Click here!


  1. I love this show! And, your etsy shop is very cool. Good stuff. Love the banner and title.
    Found you through that stream of my fb friend sent me a link to your youtube post with your etsy & blogspot link...and here I am.
    I'm an artist as well, but do not yet have an online presence, so am really impressed and inspired by your presence.
    Thought I'd let you know. I will visit again.


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