Monday, June 14, 2010

My Ears Hurt

I am so sad.
My mom and boy had to take me to the doctor today because I wouldn't quit scratching my ear. I couldn't help it. It was itchy!

My mom said that I was going to have to wear the cone of shame if I didn't stop.
My new doctor looked in my ears and swabbed them out. It didn't feel good.
He put some stuff in them and told me that they were growing yeast.

My boy says yeast is what they use to make bread. I like bread. Can my ears make bread?
They don't itch as much anymore but I still have to get stuff in them ALL WEEK!

And my mom has to change my allergy medicine. My new doctor said that I was on the wrong kind and it was making me eat too much and stuff. He also said I need to have a bath 2 times each week. :(

That makes me very SAD! I hate to get a bath. My dad said that it will save money because mom and my boy have to bathe me now instead of taking me to Petsmart every couple of months. That's good because I hate to go to Petsmart to get a bath.

What a crummy day :(


  1. Poor guy. I had a cat that continually got yeast in her ears and we had to treat it over and over.

    Baths are good for you. Plus they make you smell purrrty. I think a dog may need a bath more than every two months? But I am not sure.


  2. Yes, he does need a bath more than every 2 months (because he's a really smeelly dog) but I hate doing them at home and going to Petsmart can get expensive. Luckily, he hates to go outside, so he never gets dirty - like rolling around in stuff and getting in mud. He just gets smelly.
    So, I've been really slack with the baths. :(
    I'm a bad doggy momma.


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