Wednesday, April 8, 2009


My Featured Etsy artist this week is Jen at Littlepods! She sells beautifully, handpainted children’s clothing. Oh how I wish I could have had some of her adorable shirts when my son was a baby. Especially, her retro train.
Jen also sells handknitted baby blankets and scarves. She says she has been painting children’s clothing for about 4 years and knitting for about half as long. Jen says, "In my heart, I'm a crafty person. So my head is constantly swimming with ideas. I'd love to sew, and make other types of clothing, and to crochet. But I haven't found the time to learn either trade, so for now, I stick to knitting and painting."
Jen says she is a passionate, loyal and stubborn person. She has been selling on Etsy since January of 2008. Jen and her hubby live in Pittsburgh, PA.

Thanks for letting me feature your shop, Jen! Your painting is adorable and your shop is too cute!

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