Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs - but not too girly!

One day recently while searching around the internet, I found this tutorial for how to make fabric Easter eggs with a secret pocket from Sew Mama Sew.

See the little pink bunny sticking out of the egg in the first pic? It's partially hiding in the secret pocket.

Well, I just thought these eggs were toooo cute and I just had to make some. The tutorial suggests that it's a great way to use up fabric scraps. The problem was, since I just started sewing again, I don't have many fabric scraps and none that were springy. So I just marched myself on down to the Hobby Lobby and bought 1/8 yards of 7 different fabrics. Pretty Springtime fabrics.
I have a friend that's been sick and I was hoping to cheer her up with an Easter basket full of fabric eggs - with a treat in the secret pockets. So I made some up last week and sent them off to her. She loved them! I'm so glad. I hope they made her feel better. I even made a special fabric egg for her cat. I just sewed some catnip into a little fabric square and then stuffed the fabric square in to the egg when I was stuffing it with poly fil.

I also asked my son if I could make some for his class to go in treat bags for their Spring party. He deemed them to be "not to girly" and said that I could go ahead and make them for his class.

So here they are!
I just can't believe how cute they are. We had his school Spring party this morning during snack time. There was a meat and cheese tray, crackers, cookies, and cute little egg cakes. Those kids fell on that food like they were starving to death. I have a pic of all their happy, full faces but didn't think it would be a good idea to put in out in cyberspace without the parents permission.
I passed out the treat sacks at the end but they weren't allowed to open them until this afternoon so I won't know if they liked the eggs until this afternoon. I'm sure they went straight for the rubber bunnies in the pockets because you can fling them at each other. LOL
But I had fun making these eggs and it was a good opportunity to work on my sewing skills. Happy Easter/Spring everyone!!


  1. Now these are just so darn cute! Fantastic job! I'm going to have to borrow this idea. . . . I doubt I can whip up enough in time for Easter this year, though! ;)

  2. You're a way faster sewer than I am Connie, so I bet you could.


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