Thursday, April 23, 2009

Featured Etsy Artist - AnnasTrunk

My blog feature for this week is Christine at AnnasTrunk.
I love romance and romantic things, which is why Annastrunk really caught my eye. AnnasTrunk is full of "romantic little treasures" such as historical reproduction accessories, stationary, and an entire line of items based on Jane Austen.
When asked about her design process, Christine says, "I get inspiration for my designs from any and everywhere! I do some pencil/paper sketching but I mostly use my computer to create graphics for my sachets and mini pillows. I'll go through my stash of vintage illustrations and ponder for a while until I come up with an idea. Many of my ideas hit me at weird times! The middle of the night, grocery shopping, etc. so I always carry a little notebook with me so I don't forget anything!"
Christine has been sewing since she was a child. She also loves to construct and design historical clothing, do needlework, painting, sketching, sewing, quilting, and creating memory books. Christine says that because of her passion for historical fashion and love of classic movies and music, she feels like she should have lived during another era. "I mean, I love things about 2009 (indoor plumbing springs to mind) but I really feel drawn to life in other time periods. I think that's why I create what I create-it allows me to experience some of the nostalgia and romance of those long ago eras." She currently lives in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.
Thank you Christine and Annastrunk, for allowing me to feature you in my blog!!

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  1. Lovely stuff! Nice to see Jane Austen's still around. Thank you for featuring us handmade artists!


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