Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tyler Rose Garden is gorgeous!

Well, the big Arts and Crafts show this past weekend was pretty much a big dud. The city changed the venue from Bergfeld Park to the Tyler Rose Garden so that it would be closer to the other Rose Festival Festivities. However, whenever you change a venue, it takes several years for the customers to figure out where it moved to, and to follow. So, therefore, no customers. It was so sad.

The venue WAS gorgeous and it was so nice having indoor potties.
Here are some beautiful pics of some of the roses courtesy of The Tyler Rose Garden.

Oh well, the next show will be better and at least the weather was perfect!


  1. Well, I had fun and was glad to get to meet you! Did you see the flier about the Red White and Blue Festival in Bullard in early November? I think I'm going to do that one (they aren't charging the late charge-- I called), and then Whitehouse has Kris Kringle Mart in early December, and then the Tyler show too. Any interest?

  2. I was glad to met you too! I'm going to check those out. I'm leaning toward the Bullard festival.


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