Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Making Jewelry!

I have been working every available second this week trying to make some gorgeous new jewelry pieces and painting my Mary's for my handpainted Nativity sets that I will be selling later on. I have been working on my Nativity sets for a few weeks now and boy, am I ready to finish them so I can move on to something else! Each piece of the set is cut from 3/4 inch pine and handpainted and they are very cute nativities. I have finished the Josephs, the cow/sheep, and now the Marys. I'm going to go sand the angels right now! I can see the finish line - yeah!!! All I will have left is the baby Jesus!

I have a big craft show coming up in October and after that, I will be listing my sweet nativity sets - I promise to post a picture on my blog for all the blog readers to see!

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