Monday, September 10, 2007

It's Monday!

Fall is in the air! Here in Texas, we had a very short summer because it rained soooooo much in June and July. The rain kept the temperature down, so we only had 1 month of really hot weather. Of course, it's still pretty hot, but not over 100 like it usually is at this time.
So therefore, all this cool weather (85-90 degrees!), is making me anticipate fall.

I've listing a really cute handpainted sign in my etsy shop - check it out! It says - Watch for Falling Leaves. Very cute for the front door or to hang anywhere!

I also have some adorable handpainted Fall/Halloween decor for sale right now on eBay.
Just check out my ebay ID: soapymom2006 for the pumpking fence and frog fence!

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