Friday, September 7, 2007

Christmas - Here already??

Well, no, it's not quite Christmas but maybe it's time to start thinking about it! After all, the stores are already full of Christmas trees and decorations so it can't be that far away. Of course, it was July when they put that stuff out so maybe their alittle screwed up about when the Christmas season really starts. LOL!

So, in preparation, I have listed some adorable Christmas jewelry for your little princesses!

Check out my Candy Cane Bear Boutique Girls Bracelet for only
$12.50! It's adorable and sooooo sparkly. Very festive for the Christmas season!
Or check out the matching necklace for only $19.99. What a beautiful addition to your little girls Christmas outfits!
And of course, there's always something for mom - for Fall, Christmas or any time of the year!

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