Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cross Quilt - Work In Progress

I thought I'd share with you my current WIP.   I'm trying to work on it in between working on new things for my Handmade Whimzy shop.

 I'm working on a simple cross block that will hopefully be a Christmas present for a special person.  I want to do most of the blocks with solids but I'm going to mix it up a bit with a few prints and a couple inside out blocks.

 Here is my photography helper.  She's probably better at it than me although she has trouble being still to have her picture taken.  If your wondering why her hair is so short, she has had her summer shave.  Now she looks like a little hairless rat.  It's very cute.
Also, I wanted to share a major score that I had a couple of weeks ago.  I happened to stop into my local Hancock's (where I don't normally go because they have poor customer service) and guess what they had on sale?  Go ahead, you'll never guess.
An Olfa Splash rotary cutter.  I had been thinking about buying one because I'm left handed and I try to cut as much fabric as I can with my left hand.  This cutter is for both right and left handed people.  So, now I can use it with both hands and when I take a quilting class, I'll only need to take this one cutter.  I got it for $8.00.  I kid you not.  The lowest I've seen it on Amazon was $17.  I was so excited.  Great score, huh?

On a personal note, we are now at 3weeks of school at our house.  I know some school just started this week.  My son is a freshman in high school and so far things are going well.  It does seem that I'll be having to make a homecoming mum in the next few weeks and I've never made one before.  I'll be sure to share my frustrations here so you all can commiserate.

Have a great day!


  1. ha ha, cute post. I love the plus quilts, just finished one. I'm working on the opposite, "inside out". Congrats on your find. I've never thought how difficult it might be for lefties to use a rotary cutter.

  2. Love it, I actually posted my Greek Cross quilt on the WIP wednesday post too! I have corner triangles on mine though, I like the simplicity of yours!


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