Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So many WIP's, so little time.......

Hey, it's WIP Wednesday!  
I usually remember WIP Wednesday on Monday or Friday so I'm doing pretty good this week.  :)

I have so many WIP's that I've had to make a sticky note chain beside my computer to remind myself.  Some of them have deadlines and I'm trying really hard to get those finished.  Here are some of the ones with the deadline.

1.  Halloween panel quilt for my DH.  He wants to use it to decorate the doorway in his office.

So I'm just going to make a backing, make a quilt sandwich and then I'm going to use it to practice my free motion quilting.

2.  New eye pillows for my etsy shop.  I need to get these finished and listed soon so I can work on aprons and stockings.  I have about 40 to sew up and get listed.
 3.  Homecoming mum for my son's date.  Next week is homecoming and we are suppose to get this to her on Thursday afternoon - so I have a little over a week to finish it.  But I think I can finish it up in the next 2 days.  I need to get it finished before I end up going back to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and buying more things for it.  Although, I do need some large jingle bells that are covered in glitter.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about with this mum stuff, when I finish it, I'll make a post on it so that it will clear things up for you.  It's kind of a weird Texas tradition.
Now for the ones that have a looser deadline.
4. I have a ton of these HST units that I've been slowly trimming a few everyday.  The fabric is Happy Tones from Michael Miller and the white fabric is Kona Cotton.  Eventually, it's going to be a rainbow quilt.
 Here are the trimmed ones on my design board.  I may end up making another 120 HST's to make the quilt bigger or I may end up using the white fabric as negative space to separate the colors a bit.
5. My cross quilt needs to be finished by Christmas.  I have 14 blocks so far.  Two are not on this design board because they wouldn't fit.  I've ordered a Kona Cotton Color Card so that I can see all the colors and decide the ones I need to finish this.  I want to make at least 6 more squares.  I thought the color card was a better idea than just ordering all the orange colors until I find one that I like.  (although that would have been more fun!)
So there they are.  Of course, I have more WIPs than that, as we all do but these are the most important ones for now.  I'm taking a class tomorrow at my LQS to make a strip quilt.  I think it's less of a class and more of a bunch of people just sitting and sewing.  We had to purchase the jelly roll from the store but otherwise the class was free.  I scored a jelly roll of Potluck by American Jane for Moda.  
I may end up finishing it up and giving it as a Christmas gift to my in laws.  I thought I might use flannel or minky for the back so that it would be really cozy and they could both use it if they get chilly while watching TV.  They watch a lot of TV.  My MIL doesn't like my fabric choices as she prefers old traditional calicos but Potluck is very retro and I thought she might not hate it too bad.  We'll see.

Have a great day and happy sewing!


  1. I really love your fabric choices- so happy and bright. Your HST quilt is going to be fabulous.

  2. I love that cross quilt!!

  3. Love the cross blocks and half square triangles!

  4. I love your 2 negatives in your plus quilt. brilliant.

  5. Wow you are busy. I love that Halloween panel. I like your idea of practising FMQ!

  6. Thank you all so much for your nice comments!


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