Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Sewing Room

Kimberly at Polka Dotted Bliss was kind enough to ask me to share my sewing space with her readers a few weeks ago.  I thought I'd repost it here on my blog for anyone who missed it over at Kim's blog.  (I've made a few revisions)
I moved into my current sewing room about 1 1/2 years ago.  It was an empty bedroom in our house that we were using as a game room - or at least that was our intention. We did have all our games neatly organized in there along with a game table but unfortunately you couldn't see it because of all the junk we were "storing" on top of it.


My husband kept saying we should move my sewing room into that room from the little bitty room that it was currently occupying. I kept saying no because I had just painted it a lovely light aqua.  But finally, I agreed because the new room was twice as big as the old room and I would no longer have to keep the ironing board out in the hallway. :)

We really didn't have a budget while we were setting it up. We knew before hand that we would have to change out the lighting. We reused the track lighting from the old room and put it over my sewing tables. We did buy a new light fixture for the center of the room.

We didn't repaint because I had repainted the room a couple of years before and it was still in really good shape. But it is not my lovely light aqua - it is super bright lime green which I thought was great for a game room.  My two favorite colors though are lime green and turquoise so having a sewing room that's lime green doesn't really bother me. The only other thing I bought for this room was the cube storage shelving that I got at Target on sale. It holds my smaller cuts of fabrics like fat quarters, charm packs, jelly rolls, etc.
Oh, I did spend about $100 on 8 art prints from jellybeans on etsy that I had coveted for a long while.  But I used the money I had made from Christmas sales to buy them.  And I LOVE them. 

My corner desk is a castoff from my husband.  I hate it and would love to change this area.  I've been thinking maybe I could find some type of buffet that I could put in this area for my desk that would also hold all the shipping stuff.  I think I'll start looking around at yard sales.  Also, I'd love to be able to put a comfy chair in that corner.

My hubby made some wooden risers for my cutting table to make it counter height so that I wouldn't have to bend over.  The white shelves on the left of the picture go all the way up to the ceiling.  There are 4 in all.  The top two, however, have some of my hubby's collectible toys and games on them.  I left them there because I can't really use those shelves on a daily basis but  I've been thinking about removing that stuff and putting up some girly stuff.

These are my 2 sewing machines.  I've talked about them on my blog before.  I have a Brother SE-400  that I still need to play with because it can do lots more things than I've ever used it for.
I also have a Janome DC2010 which is the machine I use the most.
(I have little sticky notes to myself everywhere.)

I have fabric that I bought a year ago to make skirts for all my tables so that you wouldn't be able to see the storage I have under them. 

And one day I'm actually going to make those table skirts.  Also, I've bought some foam core boards that I'm going to tape together and cover with flannel for a design wall.  I'm going to hang it on the door.  Right now I'm using the floor for a design wall.

I have more fabric storage in the closet.  It's where I keep all my fabric yardage.  I'd like to eventually get all the fabric together so that I could organize it better.  The fabric stored in these cubbies are the smaller pieces like fat quarters and large scraps.  Also I seem to have a lot of yarn considering I don't knit or crochet.

The main thing I love is that I have a space all to myself where I can go to get away from all the boys in my house.  It smells nice - like lavender (not like smelly boy).  I am so thankful everyday that I have such a nice space.  Sometimes I just sit in it and do nothing.

I hope you've enjoyed visiting my little space.  Come back anytime. 

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  1. Your room is fabulous! I like the lime green with the white shelving...I think your idea of looking for a buffet for your shipping is a great idea. Be sure to go look at Bee In My Bonnet by Lori Holt to see how they painted a big dresser for her daughter's room it is in a new post for today with lots of cool decorating ideas on the inexpensive side.

  2. What a great sewing room! I wish mine was that neat - I did clean it up a little recently but then I start something new and it gets cluttered again. Thanks for the tour - love the shelves with all the storage.

  3. Thank you Tanya! I checked out Lori's blog and I love her daughter's room. What a great job they did. Everyone else's house always looks so put together - mine just looks messy.

  4. Kimberlee, my sewing room isn't normally so neat. I did a 5 minute cleaning job which is why the fabric in my cubby shelves was still so messy. It looks even worse now. Oh well. At least I have a new quilt started to show for it. :)

  5. I love your space. Like you I just love to sit in my space and do nothing.

  6. Oh I love the lime green! Light Aqua is my plan when we find a new house... in my head the room is much bigger than the one I have now too!

  7. Thanks for sharing your space with us and for linking up!

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your creative space with us!


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