Monday, March 4, 2013

Sick Dog

This is what a sick dog looks like.  Isn't he pitiful?  Bless his heart. 
He is laying on the cushion I have in my sewing room.  He NEVER comes into my sewing room to lay on this cushion.  The only time he ever comes in, is when he needs to go outside and no one is paying attention to his backdoor pacing.

But this particular Saturday, his allergies were going crazy.  His right eye was swollen shut and all teary and he felt yucky.  So, I had to increase him to 2 pills a day for a while.  But doesn't he look sad (and cute)?


  1. Poor little thing. :(
    Did you make the pillow?

  2. Hi Linda!
    Yes, I did make the cushion. It's actually a mess up. I was trying to make it for a gift swap but if you look closely, you'll see the dogs and cats on the black/white print fabric are upside down. So, once I realized my mistake, I made a new one for the swap and kept the mess up for my own cat/dog (or whoever wants to sit on it).


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