Friday, March 15, 2013

A Quilt Sandwich

How to make a quilt sandwich.

Tape backing fabric to the floor. 

Layer batting.

Top with quilt top.

Use basting spray and pins to cement it all together.

Add one cat bathing herself.
 She's really dirty, apparently.


Can I get a little privacy please?

P.S.  I finished quilting it today.  My first ever quilt!!  YAY!!
Now for the binding.


  1. Awesome job! What I can see of it looks beautiful.

    Laughing over your cat - I had to sandwich my quilt in my husband's man cave, which was the only room with enough floor space that had a door. I had to have a room with a door to close so my kitten could not come in and play with and pounce on the quilt - LOL!

  2. Thanks Linda!
    Cats are great aren't they? Mine is 15 years old and very mean. She likes things her way or the highway.


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