Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Completed X Pillow

In this post, I showed pictures of the X pillow that I was working on.  It is a paper pieced quilting project which I love.  The post linked above shows the 16 blocks sewn into 4 larger blocks to make the 4 X's on the pillow.
Then, I sewed on a cream border because I wanted the pillow to eventually fit a 24x24 pillow form.
I don't think I did it exactly right because I got too much puckering.  I've since been reading about how to attach borders and sashing so I think I can do better next time.
After adding the cream, the block still wasn't big enough so I added a bright green border.  I did this one better and I don't think there was any puckering with it.
I then added piping that I made using the same fabric as I had planned to use for the backing.  It is one of the Summer House prints by Moda which is the main fabric line I used in this pillow.

Here's the back:
I also used a chevron cotton duck print that I had in gray to make a companion pillow.  I didn't add a piping to it and you can really tell the difference.  The piping really makes the pillow look "finished".  I may take the gray chevron pillow apart and add piping.

By the way, this is what the sofa looked like before these pillows. 

This is my newly remodeled living room that we finished last fall.  My husband and son had to help me finish painting it and the dining room because I just couldn't physically do it.  Then I got the new sofa, rug and coffee table.  Isn't this table HUGE?  It didn't look so big in the store.  When they delivered it, I called my husband and told him we would have to take it back because it was too big but he was all, "wait till I get home.  It's probably not as big as you think".  So, he and my son LOVED it.  I couldn't believe it.  They hate the sofa but love the table. 

Anyhoo, those 2 pillows that came with the sofa are pretty but the problem with them is that they are feather pillows.  Which means they collapse when you use them as pillows. (I HATE feather pillows)  Also, the feathers just come out - right out of the fabric.  There is no zipper or closure so that I could remove the feathers and insert a pillow form.  So my only choice was just to get rid of them.

One WIP done and a million more to go.  What have you finished lately?



  1. Cool pillows! You did a great job. I love your living room. And why is it that men love big tables? My hubby is the same. ;)

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I'm loving the bright, happy colors you chose, and your piecing is so lovely. Great job!


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