Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me

This past Saturday, March 10th was my 107th birthday.  At least, that's how old I feel.
My sweet family helped me celebrate.
My giant son (who's playing baseball in middle school!! I'm so proud of him!!)

Here are pics of my loot.

My hubby bought me some tulips - which are 1 of my 2 favorite flowers.  I put them in a low vase that would let them droop.  My hubby hates that.  So he tied them up with some ribbon from my presents.  Now they look like they're in bondage. :)

My cake - from a local bakery Chez Bazan - it's yummy AND pretty.
Who put all those stupid candles on my cake?  I wasn't too happy about those.

Anyhoo, the weather was rainy and stormy all day but  I appreciate my family helping me to celebrate.  We saved my birthday dinner until yesterday when the weather had cleared up.  Now, we're having warm temps with some wind and sunny/overcast skies.  Time for some yard work!

On a crafting level, I've ordered some fun new fabric (my addiction is getting worse) and I've completed 3 more half aprons which I will start listing today.  I'm cutting out 4 more aprons with the fun new fabric and hope to start working on them today.  What are you crafting on today?


  1. Happy Birthday FROM me! Yours is one day after my sister's. Why am I not surprised? I'm very fond of Pisceans. Hope it was a wunnerful day.


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