Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March 1st!

Hello all my fellow crafters!  Happy March 1st!

Isn't it wonderful?  Spring is almost here.  Actually, it's suppose to be 81 degrees where I live today, so YAY!  We've had a pretty mild winter but I'm still ready for it to be over.  Here's to hoping that this summer isn't 110 degrees everyday.

Anyhoo, in recent happenings, the team that I belong to, EtsyMoms, has an ongoing contest for treasury makers.  Team members are asked to make as many treasuries (featuring EtsyMoms) that they can in a one month period.  The top winners get to choose a prize given away by sponsoring shops.  I've won the award a couple of times, so I thought it was time that I gave back.

The winner who selected my prize was stayhomecupcake.  Her prize was a coin purse from my shop.  She chose the sleeping owl fabric for her little purse.  It came out super cute.

Check out stayhomecupcake's shop - she makes playfood for little ones as well as other fun goodies.  I love this pincushion:

She received her little purse yesterday and in her own words, "it is so stinkin' cute!".
I'm so glad she liked it. 

I'm trying so hard to catch up on listing things in my shop but sometimes it feels like I'm spinning my wheels.  I seem to be getting "not much" accomplished really fast.  Oh well.  At least it's a beautiful day :)

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  1. It's glorious here too, Tricia. You really ought to plan a visit to the Hill Country. This is gonna be a great year for bluebonnets! We saw them as we drove home from shopping today and I said it'll be a banner year. Hub disagreed, said, great, maybe, not banner. 'Bout ten years or so ago we had a truly banner year. Still, one can hope, right?

    The purse is stinkin' cute. Good on you!


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