Friday, August 26, 2011

Funny Dog Story

This is our dog Mac.
I had given him a Dentley's pig ear to chew.  Usually, I try to give him small ones because he's a small dog but this one was kind of big.  He chewed on it for most of the day and then that afternoon, I walked into the living room and saw him with it hanging out of his mouth.  He was carrying it around with him so that no one would get it. 

I was the only person home other than the cat.
Who did he think was going to steal it?  Plus, I'm the one who gave it to him.  I have a whole sack of them, why would I want a partially chewed one?

It's funny how a dogs mind works.
So, I started laughing hysterically at him because he looked so silly.  He was very offended by this - especially when I started trying to take his picture - and he took his ear chew and went to hide in his box.

He's giving me his "you are so mean and you hurt my feelings" look.

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