Thursday, February 24, 2011

Impulse Buy

While browsing through my local craft store, I often come across cool gadgets that my fingers just itch to buy and try.  Sometimes I know what the gadgets are for and sometimes, I have NO clue.  Many times I'm in the scrapbooking section when this impulse overtakes me.  I don't have a clue what most of that stuff is for.  I understand paper but what the heck do you do with all that other stuff.  That's why scrapbooking is too complicated for me.

So, one of the gadgets that I've been wanting to try for quite some time, is a yoyo maker.  You can get them in all sizes and they look pretty neat.  I know you can find the tutorials on how to make them all over the internet and so I already knew how to make them and I have been meaning to make some for ever and without the use of a special $4 tool.  The tutorials on the web just show you how to do them freehand. 
But there was that yoyo maker.
And I had a 40% off coupon and nothing else that I needed........ so............there it was, looking all neat and..........
Ok, I bought it and brought it home.  I'm a sucker for an impulse buy.

I used it for the first time this morning.  Let me just say that for some reason, I thought the yoyo would be the same size as the green yoyo maker in the package but it wasn't.  I had bought the small size and it was only a little over 1 inch after it was finished.  I should have read the package better because I wanted one a bit bigger.

But anyhoo, it came out well.  Sadly, it took me about 3 tries to be able to follow the instructions correctly.  I can't blame that on the instructions so I guess it was all me.
Here's my first little yoyo:

Here you can see that I've sewn a felt flower with orange and turquoise petals together to match the yoyo.
And I've turned it into a pretty flower.

Now what will I do with the flower?  Check back in tomorrow as I show what I did with it - my finished product.

When the new year started I promised myself that I wasn't going to get into any new crafting areas but look what I've gone and done now.  And it's only February.  My resolutions don't seem to last very long. :(

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