Saturday, December 4, 2010

Salvation Army Christmas Garage Sale

We have a great corp of Salvation Army volunteers in our community.  And they have GREAT garage sales.  LOL

Every year, they do a spring and fall garage sale with all the donated items they receive.  Then a few years ago they started doing a Christmas garage sale because people were donating so many Christmas items.  You can get everything there.  They have trees of all shapes and sizes, lights, decorations, furniture, dishware, yard art, and everything else.

This year I waited until the very last second to go.  My DH and I went at about 2pm on Saturday - they closed at 3pm.  So there wasn't a whole lot left.  sigh.
I should have gone on Friday.  A friend of mine did and showed me all her treasures and she really cleaned up.

But, I'm still happy with the $3 that I did spend.  Here are my treasures:

A Santa candy dish - you take the candy from his bum! 
I thought it was really cute.

And a set of salt and pepper shakers with poinsettas on top.  Kind of plain but I like them.


  1. Oh that is cute. I don't know if ours has garage sales or not. But I always donate a couple of bags of toys for their toy shop every year. I need to drop them off now actually.


  2. That's great Puss. They do an angel tree in our town. You pick an angel and then buy the gifts the angel wants. We use to do it with my son when he was little. We would get a boy angel who wanted similiar things to my son. That way he could understand the significance of it better.

    But now we give toys to the firemen who distribute them. They come to my son's school in the firetruck and pick up the donated toys. The kids love it. It's called "toys for tots".

  3. I have done the angel tree thing too. And we used to adopt a family through another program. I have done toy for tots too. I think more parents should involve their kids in this kind of stuff because they learn to care about other people.



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