Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jingle Paws

Well, tis the season to not have time to blog.  LOL

Things are finally settling down around here and I hope things are calmer at your houses as well.  I hope you've all had a very Happy Christmas or a blessed Hanukah and any other holiday that your family celebrates.

And once again, we're getting ready to celebrate the beginning of a new year.  Funny how fast they come the older you get.  My son swore that the days waiting for Christmas were endless and moving at a snails pace.  I, however, thought they were speeding by.

We had a very nice Christmas.  Some good food.  Spending time with family.  Putting together lots of new Legos.  And watching my new DVD's of The New Adventures of Old Christine.

I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions. But I do have some plans for my Handmade Whimzy shop and things that I hope I can get accomplished this year.

For now, I have some cute pictures of Jingle Paws.  Our sweet Mac is such a good sport.
But stay tuned for the posts of the bottle cap pincushions that I made for my son's teachers.

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